My name is Chris Breen and I offer highly customized in-person lessons (in the northern New Jersey area) or Skype/FaceTime Lessons online. I also can send detailed lesson material to the student including audio examples, specific guitar tabs and diagrams. Contact me HERE for more information.

There is a significant drawback to this ‘YouTube’ era of free music lessons; too many options, faulty information, and lack of any personal connection with a teacher. Let’s address these concerns one by one.

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1.)  Too many options  

An excess of options can be overwhelming if you’re already busy with school, work, family, and an active social life. It might take you twice as long to improve at the guitar simply because you wouldn’t know how to access the shortest distance between your starting point and your end goal. Without even knowing it, you could move 3-steps forward and then 2-steps back.

2.) Faulty Information      

This factor hardly needs any explanation. Let’s just say that not all free videos are created equal and many are filled with incorrect information.

3.) Lack of any personal connection with a teacher

The role of a guitar teacher has somewhat shifted from a gatekeeper of knowledge to that of a mentor, personal trainer or coach. A teacher can also customize lessons specifically for the individual student and adjust them based on their progress. If a student is struggling with a particular concept, the teacher can alter his/her approach and slow down the pace of the material. Not to mention that it’s hard to find constructive feedback or words of encouragement from a YouTube video.

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